A whale of a time

Today we got up really early and got on a bus and drove to see wild animals. The first stop was to see elephant seals. They were enormous and made low but loud grunting noises. It was quite funny.

The next stop took ages to get to and on the way we saw a group of animals in the llama family.

When we arrived at the next stop there were penguins hiding from us or sheltering from the cold. We saw seven. They weren’t as fun as the elephant seals.

Guess what next… back on the minibus! We waited around an hour to get to the final destination but it was worth the wait. When we got there we saw thousands of sea lions and they smelt like cat food.

When we got down to the village we had lunch. Then we put all of our layers on and life jackets and got on a boat to see whales!

Ishbel MacNeil


When we were just out a little way, we saw a mother and baby splashing about. It was so amazing and one whale came so close I could see its eyes. It swam down about two metres and then sped up to the top and jumped fully out the water. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I came back to the hostel stunned and will be for the rest of my life.

Ishbel MacNeil (aged 9)

The awesome day by Neamh MacNeil

Today we’ve seen lots of animals. The first animal we saw was a llama. They were a golden colour. You wouldn’t want to be kicked by one of those.

The elephant seals made a noise like an elephant. They were quite big. We saw a baby one too!

There was a big colony of sea lions on the rocks and it was fun watching them.

We saw 8 penguins on the beach and they were staring at the phones and cameras.

Neamh MacNeil


We saw lots of whales and they were splashing about. I couldn’t believe I was watching them. I even saw the body and head.

It was outstanding watching this!

Neamh MacNeil (aged 7)


We have seen everything by Ruaridh MacNeil

I like my adventure.

We are in a hostel and my bed is warm.

Ruaridh’s Southern Right whale, baby and clown fish

We went on a trip. We got on a minibus. We saw lots of animals. We saw seals, sea lions, penguins.

Ruaridh MacNeil

We went on a boat to see whales. One came near the boat. I was happy.

I had a nice day.

Ruaridh MacNeil (aged 5)



19 thoughts on “A whale of a time

  1. Thank you Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh, Reading these words made me cry with joy. What an unforgettable experience for you all. I’m glad Ruaridh is nice and warm in bed !! What an amazing journey four MacNeils and a Jones are on….I really look forward to receiving all your news.


  2. How sweet is all this a truly wonderful experience for you all and getting up close and personal with nature ,,,keep the adventure going and blogs ,loving it


  3. What a fantastic adventure the three of you are having. You’ve already seen more wildlife in three weeks than I’ve seen in a lifetime! Your writing is really interesting and I’m already looking forward to more. Lots of love from Granny Jane xxx


  4. What an amazing adventure you are all having. I feel as if I’m there with you, as your descriptions are so vivid, thank you for sharing your journey.


  5. This has been lovely to read! I especially like your picture Ruaridh…what a brilliant artist you are!
    I’m looking forward to reading your next blogpost and hearing about the next step in your adventure.
    Lots of love, Aunty Cairsti xxxx


  6. What an incredible and fascinating adventure you are all having! Absolutely gorgeous photos too. I’m really looking forward to reading what you get up to next 😊 lots of love Liz


  7. What a fantastic and amazing experience you are all having! its so lovely to read your blogs.

    Ruaridh thank you for your lovely message I really like that you have used your phonics to spell the animal names and that you are really happy on your adventures.

    Your whale picture is brilliant! I cant wait to read your next blog .

    Mrs Gwyther


  8. Dear Ruaridh,

    I was SO happy to get your messsage, it made my day! It’s great that we can keep in touch.

    I agree with Mrs Gwyther – I loved seeing how well you used your phonics to write about all the amazing things you have seen. It is wonderful to read about your adventure on here! I loved reading Ishbel and Neamh’s blogs and your picture of a whale is absolutely brilliant, you are a great artist. I miss you and all the Puffins a lot and look forward to reading all about your adventures!!

    Lots of love to you all,
    Miss Young


  9. Scott here and wonderfully got me back on line.Lovely to get news of you all.What lovely photos of the young ones! Miss you all SO much love Ann


  10. You are three amazing adventurers! Ishbel, I’m not surprised you’ll be stunned for the rest of your life! Hope your parents are behaving well 🙂 I look forward to reading your next instalment. Love to you all xxx


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