High plain drifters

Ishbel and Neamh write about our 4 x 4 adventure from San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) to Uyuni (Bolivia) across spectacular high altitude landscapes (4300 metres above sea level).

What I saw on a three day tour by Neamh MacNeil

We saw lots of interesting things. The things we saw were flamingos, a hot pool, boiling mud, climbing rocks, volcanos, salt hostel, sun rise, sun set, giant salt flat, llamas and tornados.


Flamingos were dark pink if they ate lots of food but if they didn’t they were white. We also went in a hot pool warmed by a volcano. I swam in that pool.


We saw boiling mud that was bubbling so if you fell in it would cook you. We also climbed really high rocks and I found a really good sunbathing spot. It was really comfy.

Arbol de Piedra (Stone Tree)

We saw lots of volcanos. We went to a place where you could watch the volcanos. We also went to a hostel made of salt. Everything in that hostel was salt.

We watched the sunrise and the sunset. There were amazing colours. It was beautiful.

Sunrise at the Salar de Uyuni

We also saw the biggest salt flat in the world. We took lots of pictures on the salt flat. We saw llamas that were eating grass. We also saw some tornados.

Neamh (aged 8)

Rs volcano.jpg
Ruaridh’s drawing about our 4 x 4 adventure

The fantastic tour by Ishbel MacNeil

On Tuesday 25th October 2016 we got up really early and got a bus out of San Pedro and to the Chilean border. We signed in and had breakfast. We got in a four by four truck and started our three day tour.

Laguna Verde

We went to a Laguna Verde (a green lagoon). It was beautiful. It was very big. The wind would blow the water and it would turn green.

The next stop was my favourite. It was a volcanic heated pool. We put our swimming costumes on and got in. We put our heads under the water and swam in it. It was so nice.

Laguna Blanca

The next day we drove to rocks. There was a special rock tree but you weren’t allowed to climb it. There were other rocks by it and we climbed nearly every one. On the three day tour we saw a group of other rocks by an active volcano. They were fun as well.

Laguna Colorada

On the last day we got up an hour early at three o’clock because my parents had Chilean time on their watches and phones instead of Bolivian. We got in the four by four and drove out into the biggest salt plain in the world. We found a nice spot and saw the sunrise over the salt. It was like a rainbow.

Giant cacti at Isla Incahuassi

That tour was my favourite tour in the world.

Ishbel (aged 9)


12 thoughts on “High plain drifters

  1. What brilliant descriptions of these amazing places, stunning photos and a superb drawing by Ruaridh. Well done and thank you Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh


  2. Fancy using Chilean time when you should be using Bolivian. I think your parents need to get their act together. Perhaps the children should take over the timekeeping from now on.


  3. A real adventure your all having and the blogs fill my day with joy reading about it ,loving the swimming bit and will get you all in Loch lomond on your return ,


  4. Hermosas fotografías, nos encanta saber que están bien y disfrutando de su aventura. Siempre nos acordamos de vuestra familia con cariño y entramos al post de vez en cuando para saber como están. Esperamos que algún día vuelvan a visitarnos en Las Cabañitas, serán bienvenidos y con mucha alegría de nuestra parte. Abrazos y besos para todos!


    1. Hola Jose, Eugenia y Sasha. Esperamos que estáis bien. Quizás Sasha es un perro muy grande ahora? Gracias por los mensajes en nuestro blog. Disfrutamos muchos los días a El Calafate, en Las Cabinita. Buen suerte con el verano y esperamos tenéis muchas huéspedes amables! Besos, Polly, Michael, Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh


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