Coroico oh Coroico

Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh share their adventures and pictures about Coroico, Bolivia (6 to 11 November 2016).

Coroico oh Coroico by Neamh MacNeil

Coroico oh Coroico what a marvellous place,
The trees are so green,
The insects are so small,
The mountains are so tall,
The path made of stone,
And the dog is eating bone,
The insects buzzing loudly, jumping in the grass!

We’ve been on long walks and have seen big waterfalls. We’ve also swum in a pool made by a waterfall. It was really cold.

Open air pool


I’ve seen fires that destroy plants. I’ve been in a yoga class. It was hard to keep balance. I walked through a jungle and saw a tunnel spider web. It was big. I’ve played football and my mum and dad bought me a ball to play football.

Neamh MacNeil (aged 8)

rs coroico pic.jpg
Mountain view by Ruaridh (aged 5)

Insect Lullaby by Ishbel MacNeil

We got a bus from Sucre to Coroico. When we got there all we could see was green. We found our hostel ten or fifteen minutes walk away from the village. We are staying in the cabins at Villa Bonita. The people at Villa Bonita gave us breakfast. Then we went to explore the village.

When we got back our cabins were all ready. They were so nice. We went to bed. The sound was like an insect lullaby.

Amigos at Villa Bonita


The next day we got up and went for a walk. We got a bus up to a waterfall and put our swimming costumes on. We went for a swim in a waterfall pool. It was so cold. We walked about 8km back and relaxed the rest of the day.

We woke up early one day and did some school work. Then we went to an outdoor swimming pool. I stayed in there for about an hour and a half. Then we went to a garden pub and had dinner. I’ve loved what we’ve done so far in Coroico.

Ishbel (aged 9)


5 thoughts on “Coroico oh Coroico

  1. Well done Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh – another excellent blog. Neamh, I do wish I had been able to have a kick around with the ball too !
    One morning this last week Nate walked to school when it was -3 degrees. Bbbrrrrr


  2. I am enjoying all your reports and pics and poems, and I tell my friends about what you are doing. The waterfall pool looks really good. Happy trails! x


  3. I’m re-living some of your experiences – especially in the Atacama desert in Chile and in the altiplanos of Bolivia – and really loving hearing about the places that I’ve always wanted to go (Argentina, Uruguay…). Keep them coming! Marcia, Mark, Ava & Loiuis xxx


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