Ruaridh, Neamh and Ishbel write about their trip to the Huacachina oasis on 29 November to go sand-boarding.

The oasis at Huacachina, Peru

Ruaridh’s story, in his own words

The sand bugees went fast. It was ixciting. I had to get a bord, put wax on the bord, lie on my tumee and put the velcro on. Then you jump down the sand dune. I went very fast.

206The first sand dune was big. The next sand dunes were a bit big. The last wun me and my dad and my sister we walked down it a sep from my mum and Ishbel.

Ruaridh MacNeil (aged 5)

Neamh’s story

190We went on a long tour into the desert because we were staying in an oasis. A dune buggy took us to lots of sand dunes and we got to slide down them.

205The last one we went on was giant. It was really fun. It was pretty scary too. I loved it. Lots of sand went in your eyes. One of them, me, my dad and brother walked down.

Neamh MacNeil (aged 8)

Ishbel’s story

We arrived in Huacachina late, had dinner and went to bed. Huacachina is in a desert with an oasis. The oasis is a peculiar bit of murky water surrounded by golden sand dunes. The legend says that a mermaid sang sad songs which made people cry, which is how the oasis was formed.204The next day we got a dune buggy up to a sand dune and went sand boarding, first on small ones then on big ones. When I was going down the sand dunes I felt scared, excited and happy all at the same time. Before I got to the bottom of the sand dune I started to feel worried that I would crash. It feels wonderful when you are sliding down because you get a lovely view and a nice breeze. On the two last ones Neamh and Ruaridh had to go on mum and dad’s backs. The last one was enormous. Dad, Neamh and Ruaridh walked down. Me and mum slid down. It was so exciting.

Ishbel MacNeil (aged 9)

*  Feature image is of Ishbel shooting down the sand-dune.





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