Monkey business

Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh write about their visit to Costa Rica in December 2016.

Ishbel’s story

The aeroplane stopped in San Jose. We spent a night in a hostel near the airport. In the morning a man brought a hired car to our hostel and we set off to Samara.

In Samara we had got a very expensive tree top house. It was lovely. The next morning we had a special Christmas treat we got all our swimming costumes on and went for a surfing lesson. Our teacher was really nice. By the end of the lesson (which was one hour and a half) I could stand up and surf. Then we could go on the surf boards whenever we liked. We stayed there five nights. I loved Samara.

Surf school


From Samara we drove to the middle of nowhere and stayed in a few lodges. They were nice and snuggly. La Ensenada was a big piece of ground but it was very beautiful. The next day we went horse riding!!! My horse was very fast and very obedient. On the horse ride we saw monkeys, crocodiles, giant grasshoppers and geckos. I could not believe I could see that many animals in two hours. La Ensenada was very like home but 20 degrees hotter.

Monteverde is a place of green but more touristy. We were staying in Santa Elena. The second night we got there we went on a night hike which is walking in the jungle looking for animals in the dark. We went in a minibus to the jungle and got torches to look for animals. The first animal was a venomous tarantula. It was orange, red, black and a bit yellow. We did a bit more hiking and then we saw a sloth. It looked so cuddly and furry. It was so cute. We saw a red eyed frog next. It was very freaky. Just a few minutes later we saw a kinkajou. Kinkajus are part of the racoon family. The night hike was very interesting.

Neamh, zooming through the canopy


We went on a famous zip line the next day. It was a whole routine. They’d drop us off at one end and then you would just follow them the whole way. The longest one was one kilometre. Included there was an activity called the Tarzan Swing, which is where they tie a rope to your waits and then you jump off a six metre platform. The zip was so fun. I loved zip lining in Monteverde.

Ishbel MacNeil (aged 9)

Neamh’s story: Animals of Costa Rica

First the monkey. In the trees we saw monkeys. They were climbing trees and swung on the trees like they were monkey bars. They made funny noises. The noises were like dogs whining. I liked watching them.

viper.jpgWe went on a night hike and we saw snakes and frogs. The snakes were bright green. We saw two. One of them was twisted around the tree. It was a poisonous viper. Luckily it didn’t bite me! The other viper was right by the path. It was dangling off a tree that was on the path. We took lots of pictures. Then we saw a frog. It was on a leaf that was in a stream. It was a little colourful frong. I liked it.

On the night hike we saw a tarantula in a big log. It was watching us though it is pretty blind. It was a nice colour but pretty scary. I bet the humming birds will cheer you up. The humming birds were colourful. They sang little songs and said things like queso and tortilla and buenos dias. They were only little.

At a cabin that we were staying at there was a giant grasshopper. It was as big as my hand. There were lots of different types of iguana. Some were…small, fat, long or had a massive tail. We saw lots of them. They were green and scaly. I liked it.

Can you believe I saw a sloth?

Honest, it’s a real, live sloth


Sloths are very slow creatures. They are scared of humans but they are very kind and gentle. They sleep only upside down and don’t like the light. This sloth has three claws. The two clawed sloth only comes out at day time. A sloth is my second favourite creature in the world.

A kinkajou is an animal in Costa Rica. It is like a monkey. They walk on four feet and are nice. They are funny too. I rode a horse. My horse kept trotting. I loved it. We also went down a steep hill! It was fun. My dad thought it was scary. When we were horse riding we saw a river and saw a crocodile in it. I was trying to hide.

In Samara we had surfing lessons. At 11am we went to have surfing lessons. I could stand up. We were staying at a fancy hotel. I also learnt how to body board. On Christmas day dad cooked a nice lunch. We also went to the beach every day.

At La Ensenada we had lots of bitey things. We also had a nice swimming pool. That was where I did horse riding. La Ensenada had a lot of space to play. We also went on a long walk. It was 3 km more than it should have been. We saw monkeys.

At Santa Elena we climbed a really steep hill. It was called Cerro Amigos. Also we went zip lining and one of them was 1 km long. It was scary and fun. We saw lots of animals. We also went to a cloud forest for a long walk.

Neamh MacNeil (aged 8)

Ruaridh’s story


We went on a night hike. First we saw a tarantula. If it bites you it will hurt you. It will be saw. I saw a snake and it was a green viper. And we saw to sloths. They both were furry.

Ruaridh MacNeil (aged 5)


7 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. Admiro mucho a esta familia! Disfruto de cada publicación, especialmente las de los niños. Gracias por compartir sus experiencias!

    Qué tal el idioma?


    La profe de español de Michael


  2. What a fantastic time you are all having. I’m glad I didn’t see the giant spider. Brilliant descriptions and detail, all of you.x


  3. What a great exciting time you are all having.
    I was so scared Ruaridh, reading about the spider, I looked under my bed before going to sleep to check none there.
    I am in Tenerife and it is lovely and warm.


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