Through a child’s eyes

Neamh, Ishbel and Ruaridh’s poems and picture about their time in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua by Neamh (aged 8)

Nicaragua is fun,
It depends on the sun,
Collecting shells in a team, at sunset eating ice-cream,
Angelic people in a cathedral, never to be seen being mean,
Roaring with the crowd at baseball, “León, León, León”,
At home with Eleanor and Luna, eating pancake with liḿon.
Glaring at turtles on the beach,
Using my Spanish to make a speech,
Another time I’m going to go back to Nicaragua and maybe work at Tortuga Booluda Hostal.

The history of Nicaragua by Ruaridh

Nicaragua is a nice place. It has a cathedral and nice places. It is hot and nice and it has delichos food in comedors.  I liked gigantonas. Gigantonas are pretend women. I liked Eskimo icecream and Luna the dog, baseball, the beach, volcanoes and shells.

Ruaridh (aged 6)

Penas Blancas

Nicaragua by Ishbel (aged 10)

Nicaragua is a friendly place,
Its kindness will brighten your face,
León has got the most heat,
It will make your heart beat,
Sandino was Nicaragua’s liberator,
He was killed by Somoza the dictator,
Gigantonas were big puppets,
They were made to make the Spanish look like muppets,
Turtles are some of Nicaragua’s wildlife,
Only one of nine turtles get through their life,
Baseball is Nicaragua’s national sport,
León and Granada always fought,
Papaya is a delicious fruit,
Alejandro always sold us a beaut.

Written on Tuesday 4 April 2017
(It’s been a while since we we’ve been able to post blogs. There are quite a few to come…)


2 thoughts on “Through a child’s eyes

  1. Excellent work Ishbel, Neamh and Ruaridh. Your poems should be entered into a competition. They are informative, interesting and humorous !


  2. Brilliant poems Ishbel and Neamh and what a brilliant picture Ruaridh! Not long until I will be seeing the three of you now that your adventure is nearly finished! I am very looking much looking forward to hearing all of your stories and giving the three of you lots of cuddles!
    Lots of love Aunty Cairsti xx


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