The Helicopter Warriors and other stories

Ruaridh, Ishbel and Neamh have tales to tell from their travels in China.

Shanghai by Ruaridh MacNeil (aged 6)

We saw buildings on a boat. My favrot building is one that can change colour when it goes dark. I really liked the museum because I drew a picture of mountins.


I ate nice dumplings that were cheap and we ate noodles. We found a nice play park and it had water games and it had trampolines.

The “Helicopter Warriors” (better known as the Terracotta Warriors)

IMAG4122_1One helicopter warrior was a captain with a horse that was strong. They were taller than my dad and they were stronger than brick.


Pingyao is an olde place. It has nice people and some rude people who kept taking fotos of me. It was a beautiful hostal and it had a family of cats but it had hard beds. I got a henner tattoo of a dragon.

Palace Museum, Beijing


One day we went on an ovnite train. I did not have food. I slept on a top bunk. It was a bit dirty but it was ok. We went to a duck place that was good. We did not play with the ducks. We ate duck pancakes. We went to the great wall of China and it was steap and we made it to the top. I got new trainers. My trainers are green. Chairman Mao is a warrior. He was a captain. He was good. And he had a wart on his chin. The palace had lots of gates and there was a picture of him. My favourite thing was the picture of dragons.

The Wudang mountains


A Note of Harmony by Ishbel MacNeil (aged 10)

Wudang mountain is a peaceful spot,
Its quietness will be perfect for somebody to think a lot,
Purple Heaven Temple is the best,
It is a perfect place to rest,
Sitting drinking Joe’s homemade tea,
Watching a Master doing Tai Chi,
At the top of the Golden Peak,
Sits the MacNeils’ lock not making a squeak.


Purple Heaven Temple, Wudang mountains

Wudang Shan by Neamh MacNeil (aged 8)

When we were at Wudang Shan we went on walks and we saw tea fields. At Wudang Shan they grew lots of different tea. They grew red, white and green tea and lots more. One of the walks we climbed more than one thousand steps. The next day we took my mum in the cable cars. When we went up with my mum we put a padlock on the top. I was so happy that we have a padlock on the top of the mountain and it said “MacNeils”. We also saw lots of temples in Wudang Shan. Wudang Shan has lots of beautiful views. I was sad when we left Wudang Shan. But I guess there were more adventures to have.




* Main image: Ruaridh’s favourite, the Nine Dragon Screen at the Palace Museum, Beijing



2 thoughts on “The Helicopter Warriors and other stories

  1. I have enjoyed reading all your reports. This one is especially good. I wonder if you are sad that your big adventure is nearly over, or will you be happy to be living a settled life again? I will never forget your stories and pictures. Well done for making such a long journey and for sharing it all with me and everyone else. Ken xx


  2. I loved reading this! I cannot wait to hear all your adventures in person this week! Lots of love Aunty Cairsti x


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