About us

There are five of us: Ruaridh (5), Neamh (7), Ishbel (9), Polly, and Michael.

Polly and Michael have been living and working in London for 10 years and have left to travel around Latin America and China before moving to Scotland.

Glaswegian Michael moved to London when he married Polly but has regretted it ever since (moving to London, not marrying Polly).

After 10 years balancing demanding jobs and family life, Polly and Michael chose to take time out and show the children what people do differently around the world and what we have in common.

We are starting our journey in Uruguay before following Argentina’s east coast to Tierra del Fuego then through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador to reach Costa Rica in December. We shall live in Nicaragua for three months before heading to China with a brief stop in Australia/New Zealand